"WELCOME summer" New resort "WELCOME summer" is located in Zatoka, Odessa region. Stay on Budakskaya spit between the sea and the estuary, attracts tourists from all over Ukraine, and also foreigners. Zatoka is famous for excellent infrastructure and conditions for a varied and interesting pastime. Here you will find something to do the water sports and discos, as well as those who prefer peace and quiet.

Hotel facilities

Pool Why you need a pool if the next – sea?
It turns out, very necessary! What if you arrived at the resort and the sea – storm, and it is forbidden to bathe? Or water still warm to swim in it uncomfortable to move and leave no opportunity?
If the hotel has a pool, you don't depend on the weather on the sea, the temperature of the water and may at any moment go for a swim in the pool next to the building. Next to the pool offers comfortable loungers, sun shades. Here you can sunbathe or just enjoy the fresh air and relax. Guests "WELCOME summer" the pool is included in the room rate.
Beach Resting on the sea, do not want to spend the time to get to shore. Best of all, if the sea is nearby, and not just a wild coast or encased in a concrete embankment, but a comfortable, well maintained beach.
Fans of beach rest you know, what are the best beaches for relaxing and hanging out – sand. They are convenient not only lie, but also play beach games such as volleyball. In addition, on the sandy beach is best for children: they won't get hurt on the rocks or limestone and will be able to frolic, to play and build sand castles.
Private sandy beach is the pride of "WELCOME summer"! Our resort is located on the second line, only 150 m from the sea, and hence outside the rooms, you will find yourself on the beach just a few minutes! On the beach "WELCOME summer" for our guests: towels – you don't have to take them out of the house, taking up space in the suitcase; sunbeds – some like to lie on the sand, but at the disposal of those who are accustomed to comforts will always be comfortable deck chairs; sunshades will allow you to be on the beach and take sun baths without fear of scorch in the sun. The beach is regularly cleaned and fully equipped for your comfortable stay.
Animation The complex "WELCOME summer" created all conditions for comfortable rest with children. On the sandy beach for the kids to run and play, and if you bathe tired – you can visit a Playground.
We understand how important it is to make children's rest interesting and varied, so in our complex entertainment with which the young guests will not be bored! Children can not only entertain, but also to learn new things about the world and to present a gift parents crafts, made during the master class.
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